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****** Non-Spoiler Alert ****** If you’re reading The Phoenix Project and are sitting on the edge of your seat, just waiting to know the outcome, then…feel free to keep reading this post.  This is a novel about IT, and there’s certainly no reason to think it doesn’t have a bit (or a lot) of fantasy […]

So another conference has come and gone.  As in the past, I can’t help but create a post conference wrap-up of lessons learned.  Unfortunately, this one will be a bit different as it’s now from the perspective of someone that has joined the Dark Side.  And yes, not only does the Dark Side have cookies […]

Despite the fact that my “gamification fame” has fallen into the deep annals of my past, I still can’t help to come across news or articles of the topic.  Recently (I started this draft recently afterwards, but it’s been some time now), someone had posted a question on the Back2ITSM Facebook group asking for interpretations […]

How quickly time has passed.  It seems like it was only a few months ago in which I was a youthful and naive ITSM practitioner, recently hired on to work as a ServiceNow (I’ll miss you hyphen) administrator and ready to go out and make a name for myself in the ITSM space.  Oh wait, […]

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