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Dearest Microsoft Outlook,   We’ve been together since, wow…it’s been so long I almost can’t remember…at least since the year 2000, when I began my first IT job at Chemical Abstracts.  Ok, so we did frolic together a little before that time, but those were personal POP email addresses and it didn’t really count.  No, […]

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and honestly, it’s because life as a consultant in the ITSM world keeps me damn busy.  Alas, it’s that time again where I’m switching employers.  Fortunately, and now unfortunately, I had the chance to work with my original “ITSM Crew” from several years ago. Since my […]

I’ve been hearing and reading so many “ITSM is dead” and “IT is dead” statements that I couldn’t simply ignore the propaganda and sit here without some kind of generic response, akin to something The IT Skeptic might state as these being “Attention-seeking declarations of death.”  I can’t exactly explain the reason for wanting to […]

I was recently playing with the Hebrew translation in ServiceNow and I came across something interesting while looking at the translation for “Service Catalog.”  Apparently, in Hebrew “Services” is the same translation as “toilets.”  Don’t believe me?  I couldn’t believe it either, so I had to confirm it in Google Translate…         […]

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