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I’ll admit it, this is an IT/ITSM blog, so why would I post something that could be analysed as bordering on obsessive behavior for the love of doughnuts?  Simple.  I own this domain and blog and I can write anything I want.  Another, not quite as simple, answer is that I like to keep my blog personal […]

On April 29th, 2013, Omniquest went to join its buzzword brethren in the technology afterlife.  Originally born on January 24th, 2011, Omniquest came about from the crazy mind of Michael Slabodnick after the helpdesk manager at his local place of employment brought forth a Gartner whitepaper written by Jarod Greene (  Wanting to show off […]

So another conference has come and gone.  As in the past, I can’t help but create a post conference wrap-up of lessons learned.  Unfortunately, this one will be a bit different as it’s now from the perspective of someone that has joined the Dark Side.  And yes, not only does the Dark Side have cookies […]

What a great month it’s been so far.  Not only does Pink 2012 start this weekend, but I’ve been able to spend the past two days training my coworkers in the mysterious art of S***-**w.  I will definitely say I love the tool platform, and have an adoration for the tool similar to showing off a […]