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I originally started this blog with something akin to “People Sell Out, so Why Can’t Process?” with the goal of giving a (minor) criticism to the fact that the Capita JV really is the sellout of ITIL.  Instead of being so negative about the joint venture, and with it being the Fourth of July tomorrow, […]

That’s it…I have had enough! Enough of “the cloud,” enough of the “SaaS,” or “IaaS,” or “PaaS,” or whatever funky initials (I don’t think they’re technically acronyms) you want to throw out there with over dramatized capitalization of the first and last letters. And yes “social media,” I am done with you too. You’ve been […]

A while ago I was having a conversation with a friend and former colleague in which we were discussing a certain problem related to Change Management (I apologize I’m not ITIL 2011 compliant; I meant change management). See, my friend works as the change manager and she was trying to figure out how to speed […]

A few days ago I finished my second Snappcast with Matt Beran (two in a row!), and after a (very) awkward moment where Matt brought up that he was going to impersonate Chuck Norris in my S***-**w instance, and I gave a failed attempt at mocking the “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy” line by stating […]