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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and honestly, it’s because life as a consultant in the ITSM world keeps me damn busy.  Alas, it’s that time again where I’m switching employers.  Fortunately, and now unfortunately, I had the chance to work with my original “ITSM Crew” from several years ago. Since my […]

A while ago I was having a conversation with a friend and former colleague in which we were discussing a certain problem related to Change Management (I apologize I’m not ITIL 2011 compliant; I meant change management). See, my friend works as the change manager and she was trying to figure out how to speed […]

Today was our final itSMF local interest group meeting for 2011. Attendance wasn’t as strong as I hoped, but it was good nonetheless. At this meeting I noticed something. Well, actually, it’s something I’ve noticed before; I just want to use the meeting as an excuse to bring up this topic. I’m quiet. In fact, […]

So here it is, my last day working at “the hospital,” and of course for some reason my mind does not want me to be lazy and sleep-in (which isn’t fun since I figured I’d sleep in, grab breakfast, show up to work around 10, take a nap, lunch at 11, second lunch at 12:30, […]