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I’ve been noticing a few things on Twitter lately regarding getting IT aligned with the business and the importance of understanding what the business side actually does to provide value.  Usually my eyes just pass by this kind of knowledge with a minor thought in my head of “duh,” but it’s starting to bother me […]

I originally started this blog with something akin to “People Sell Out, so Why Can’t Process?” with the goal of giving a (minor) criticism to the fact that the Capita JV really is the sellout of ITIL.  Instead of being so negative about the joint venture, and with it being the Fourth of July tomorrow, […]

I’ve been working quite a bit as a ServiceNow developer these days and I couldn’t help but think about…”what if my life was built on ServiceNow?”  Specifically, what would code look like if I were to think the way ServiceNow behaves. For example, someone sent an email asking if a date for next week would […]

I usually like to keep my “end of the year” posts very simple.  I think my entry last year had a theme that went “so long 2011; don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” and if I weren’t lazy I’d go back to read it for certainty.  Fortunately, I’m going to keep […]