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I can’t believe 2013 finally came to an end and here we are…2014.  Yes, I haven’t been very active in the past year and the reasons are many, but I think the most important one is simply that 2013 has been a “meh” year.  To recap on why “meh” is my theme of review for […]

“Dear journal, It’s day five of my journey.  The temperature is over 100 degrees (I think it is anyway, since people here don’t believe in the universal measurement of Fahrenheit), I’ve already braved free wifi on trains, falafel and hummus for lunch almost every day, cab drivers that can put NASCAR to shame, and the […]

Here I am, sitting at the airport and waiting to board my flight to Tel Aviv.  It’s going to be a great two weeks hanging out on the beach with my family and mingling with Tel Aviv natives (Obama, eat your heart out!): But…with my inquisitive personality and love for technology, am I just going […]

During the past few days I had the fun and privilege of spending time at two ServiceNow user groups here in Ohio (I recommend not visiting Cleveland in July – the hail is brutal).  After the time of learning about ServiceNow, seeing cool features planned in future releases, and generally talking with my fellow fans […]