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I’ve been working quite a bit as a ServiceNow developer these days and I couldn’t help but think about…”what if my life was built on ServiceNow?”  Specifically, what would code look like if I were to think the way ServiceNow behaves. For example, someone sent an email asking if a date for next week would […]

On April 29th, 2013, Omniquest went to join its buzzword brethren in the technology afterlife.  Originally born on January 24th, 2011, Omniquest came about from the crazy mind of Michael Slabodnick after the helpdesk manager at his local place of employment brought forth a Gartner whitepaper written by Jarod Greene (  Wanting to show off […]

Being a person that works with technology in the 21st century, I just can’t help but draw parallels of my everyday experiences to today’s technological fads. This past Saturday, I was sitting in synagogue and happily enjoying my “unplugged” time (I try to practice the Sabbath Manifesto, even though I’m not always 100% successful) and […]

Last week I had the very fortunate opportunity to attend a ServiceNow user group meeting in Cleveland (yes, the mistake by the lake).  The meeting wasn’t very huge, but I had the chance to see a lot of cool technology thanks to the host.  On top of the great event, it was also hosted in […]