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The Fusion 12 conference came and went and I was a bit sad not to have attended (a “bit” is an understatement).  Since I couldn’t be a part of Fusion 12 (does that mean I attended Fission 12?) , during the few days I hung on to every Tweet and post that came out of […]

That’s it…I have had enough! Enough of “the cloud,” enough of the “SaaS,” or “IaaS,” or “PaaS,” or whatever funky initials (I don’t think they’re technically acronyms) you want to throw out there with over dramatized capitalization of the first and last letters. And yes “social media,” I am done with you too. You’ve been […]

In thinking about the latest happenings in the ITSM product industry (a.k.a. watching ServiceNow take over the market), I couldn’t help but wonder “where are we going?”  Most importantly, I’ve begun to wonder, “what’s next?”  It wasn’t too long ago in which we had a good amount of players in the product space that pretty […]

A strange thing happened last week when I sat down with a couple of coworkers to discuss the recent purchase of an IT automation tool.  We didn’t talk about the tool.  Well, we didn’t talk about it beyond a few minutes of stating “awesome, we bought it.”  Instead of discussing the software, we talked about […]