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I was driving into work this morning and I started to think about how the evolution of technology has culminated into IT being focused about the delivery of services, and not just the technology that drives it.  I think it’s a fantastic change since it means IT Service Management (which I happily embrace) is more […]

Nothing like a cold day in Chicago.  Well, it’s cold for the current weather considering it was just 70 degrees a few days; I guess if I lived in the arctic this would be considered warm.  Anyway, I’m in Chicago at the tail end of my S*****w training (sorry, I’m “technically” trying to be vendor […]

Yesterday, one of my colleagues pointed me to a very interesting case study surrounding a person that leveraged Twitter as a way to seek medical attention.  You can read the article here, but I’ll also give a quick synopsis:  A grandmother had major health problems and the hospital in South Georgia was not able […]


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Right now my department is looking to find a replacement for its current ITSM tool.  What I’ve noticed is that a lot of the tools out there are showing off “quick step” or “single step” functionality.  These hot new features make life a lot easier as they take common tasks and integrate the results into […]