I bet you’re thinking that this page is focused on translating ITIL terms into normal language.  Well, you’re wrong – there are already hundreds of sites out there that contain such definitions.  I decided to create this page after an interesting conversation with one of my colleagues, which incidentally started with my interpretation of the statement “we’re different.”  So this page is meant to take some commonly heard phrases and provide translations for ITIL and ITSM professionals.  In other words, think of this page as a field guide for when you’re down in the trenches and fighting that battle to improve your IT Services.  And if this doesn’t help, I hope you can at least identify with a few of these phrases and maybe even get a laugh.

“We’re different here” – We don’t want to do something a successful organization has done.

“At the end of the day” – I don’t care what happens tomorrow.

“This is just a temporary fix” – We want to bypass processes so we don’t have to go through Change Management, and then forget we even made the change.

“We’re too small for ITIL” – see “We’re different”

“ITIL is too complicated” – We have no idea where to even begin.

“ITIL is too expensive” – We don’t see the value in ITIL.

“We want to use MOF instead” – We want to use MOF instead.

“‘We’re waiting to hire someone with ITIL experience” – We don’t want to change so we’re dragging our feet.