The itSMF Central Ohio LIG is hosting a great event on Thursday, January 20th.  “HOW DOES IT ADD VALUE To The BUSINESS – Providing Value to the Business in a Lean Economy.”

In today’s economy getting “the business” to see the value in IT is a tough challenge (which can be helped with marketing, by the way).  This event will host a panel of CIO’s from several organizations around Central Ohio, including “THE” Ohio State University, Columbus City Schools, Abercrombie and Fitch, the IBM Software Group, Progressive Medical and OCLC.  (Now here comes the boasting)  These companies aren’t just big for Ohio; they’re major national players so you can be sure their IT departments are being led by some brilliant people.

Last but not least, this panel is being facilitated by George Spalding; Executive VP of Pink Elephant and co-author for ITIL core:  Continual Service Improvement (so if you’re a fan of the CSI publication, you can probably get your copy autographed).

And if I haven’t gone on enough about the planned evening, there may also be an appearance from none other than Doug Tedder, president-elect for itSMF, USA (hail to the chief).

Click here to download a PDF version of the invitation.


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